Open Enrollment Trip Calendar


Half-day tours Fri. – Sun., May through late October, except late July

Moab’s Ancient Past Rock Art Tour
Sunset Tour of Arches National Park

2016 trips, tours, and seminars by month:

February March April

 WFR and WAFA Recertification

Eagle Float on the Colorado River

Desert Wildflowers Seminar

Navajo Mountain Culture and Archeology

May June July
Dinosaur Tracks of Moab Range Creek Archaeology

Mountain Ecology & Wildflowers Day Seminar

Geology of the Colorado River

August Sept October

Women: Wild by Nature San Juan River Trip

San Juan Mountains Trekking with Llamas

Dinosaur Tracks of Moab

Eastern Book Cliffs Deep History

Cedar Mesa & Comb Ridge Archaeology

Range Creek Archaeology

Rainbow Bridge Trail Trekking