Navajo Mountain Archaeology and Culture Trekking

Join guest archaeologist Sally Cole, CFI and Navajo guides

Visit Navajo Mountain and learn about culture past and present, and archaeology sites through hikes near and on Navajo Mountain near the AZ/UT borders. Canyonlands Field Institute is teaming with noted rock art specialist, archaeologist and author, Sally Cole plus our Navajo guides from the Atene family to offer a very unusual hiking and cultural experience. For four nights and five days you can explore the area and learn about prehistoric cultures and Dinè culture past and present through hikes around and on Navajo Mountain.

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  • Where: Navajo Mountain, Arizona/Utah Border
  • Number of Days/Nights: 5 nights, 5 days with 1st night lodge stay and orientation, hogan and camping 4 nights with truck support
  • Time: Evening day 1 through afternoon last day
  • Group Size: Minimum 5, maximum 8
  • Age Group: Adults and youth 16+
  • Deadline for Signup: 2 weeks prior