Earth Connections

Immersing STEM into Native Culture

CAMP Highlights

Earth Connections Camp is an American Indian Youth camp to perpetuate or spark an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). This camp includes sessions on water resource science, mechanical engineering, anthropology and botany. These sessions will be immersed with culture. We are currently recruiting up to 30 (5-12) American Indian students and teachers from Grand and San Juan Counties for the 1-day culture and science camp in Bluff, Utah on Thursday, August 11, 2016.

Students will learn and be exposed to

  • Educational resources and diversity programs
  • American Indian scientist and students doing STEM
  • How American Indians intertwine STEM into Culture
  • Work with American Indian and non-American Indian role models and mentors
  • What it means to be “college career ready”

Students will experience STEM in motion

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service / Bureau of Reclamation Water Resources
    (1-3d Bathymetry / Dam Building / Energy)

Sessions will be visual, hands-on, participatory, and engaging.

The camp will immerse STEM in our Native Culture

  • Intertwine STEM and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (Tradition/Culture/Heritage)
  • Multiple tribal representation
  • Traditional – Culturalist on site working with STEM instructor
  • Support a tribal identity from American Indian scientist / Instructors


Transportation will be provided by bus from the following locations. If you can transport your own youth that is fine as well and should arrive at the Bluff Community Center at 9:00AM:

  • Monument Valley High School leaving at 8:00AM and returning at 4:00PM.
  • San Juan High School leaving at 8:15AM and returning at 3:45PM.
  • Whitehorse High School leaving at 8:30AM and returning at 3:30PM.

Partners & Sponsors

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University of Utah School of Medicine

  • Number of Days/Nights: One Day
  • Group Size: Up to 30
  • Age Group: 5th - 12th
  • Deadline for Signup: Two weeks prior to program date.
  • Cost per Person: Free
  • Notes: