Raft the Colorado River

Cool Summer Fun: Raft the Colorado River

For CFI instructor-guides, the Colorado provides a unique floating classroom that offers constant lessons about human, cultural, and natural history. Evidence of millions of years of geological forces at work is at our fingertips as we float the river. We’ll pass below famous Fisher Towers, including the Titan, at 900 feet it is the tallest sandstone tower in the world.

The Colorado River begins high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. As it flows down the western slope of the Continental Divide it joins the Gunnison River at Grand Junction. The Colorado soon slows and becomes a classic desert river, entrenched in deepening canyons of brilliantly colored sandstone. The river carries colorful sediment hiding the array of fascinating aquatic life just below the surface.

The Fisher Towers section of the river begins as flat, yet swift with several named rapids about halfway downstream. We will use paddle rafts for most of our trips which allows for lots of involvement.

You’ll learn to read the river and how to work together as a ace paddle boat team! We’ll see great blue herons fishing on the mudflats along the riverbank and perhaps see a golden eagle soaring overhead or a bighorn sheep on the north bank near the takeout. Our instructor-guides will teach river safety and leave-no-trace practices that help sustain the river and its ecosystem.

  • Where: Colorado River "Daily"
  • What months available: Wednesday - Sunday, May - October
  • Time: 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
  • Group Size: Minimum 2 (Adult Fees) - Maximum 8
  • Age Group: Youth 4-15 Adults 16+
  • Deadline for Signup: 6 pm the day prior
  • Cost per Person: TBA
  • Deposit: Deposit is full fee, non refundable reservation.
  • Notes:

    Half-Day Colorado River Outline

    We will be meeting at the Moab-Transit