Cedar Mesa / Comb Ridge Utah Archaeology

Lodge-based, vehicle tours and short hikes

  • Where: Southeastern Utah – Cedar Mesa / Comb Ridge Areas
  • When: October 09, 2015 through October 11, 2015
  • Number of Days/Nights: 2 Nights 2 Days
  • Time: Evening Day 1 through Afternoon Last Day
  • Group Size: Minmum 5, maximum 8
  • Age Group: Adults and Youth 16+
  • Cost per Person: $630 plus $10 BLM Special Area Fees
  • Deposit: $150 non-refundable, applies to total due
  • Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore some lesser known locations and learn about recent findings from the Comb Ridge Heritage Initiative Project. This research recently completed was part of a multi-year cooperative archaeological research project by the BLM and the University of Colorado. From our cozy base at Recapture Lodge in Bluff, you will enjoy van tours and short hikes exploring prehistoric and historic sites, rock art and geological features along Comb Ridge and on Cedar Mesa.
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Rainbow Bridge and Navajo Mountain Adventure

Hiking with pack stock support

  • When: April 27, 2015 through May 02, 2015
  • Number of Days/Nights: 5 days, 5 nights includes first night motel
  • Time: Evening of day 1 through evening of last day
  • Group Size: Minimum 4, maximum 6
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Cost per Person: $1950 plus $36 Navajo Nation fees
  • Deposit: $500 nonrefundable, applies to total fee
  • Deadline for Signup: 1 week prior to trip
  • Hike on the traditional pilgrimage route to Rainbow Bridge, the earths largest natural bridge, and sacred place to the Navajo culture, and travel to the Navajo Mountain community with CFI Naturalist-Guides and our Navajo guides: Eric Atene and members of the Atene Family. A rare cultural experience you won't want to miss!
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Mountain Wildflowers Seminar

Learn about mountain wildflowers with Joel Tuhy and Linda Whitham - watch for 2015 date

  • Where: La Sal Mountains near Moab, UT
  • What months available:

    2015 Date TBA

  • Number of Days/Nights: One day
  • Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Group Size: Minimum 4, maximum 8
  • Age Group: Adults and Youth 16 and Over
  • Cost per Person: 2015 Fee TBA
  • Deposit: Deposit is the full fee.
  • Join us for a full day seminar exploring mountain wildflowers in the La Sals and learn to identify species at the peak of their bloom.
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Annual River Rafting Trip for Women

Women: Wild By Nature! Rafting & Inflatable Kayaking - Moves to a different river stretch each year!

  • Where: 2015's River Destination: Upper San Juan River from Sand Island, just south of Bluff, UT to Mexican Hat, UT.
  • When: September 17, 2015 through September 21, 2015
  • Number of Days/Nights: 4 Days and 4 Nights - includes 1st night at hotel & orientation
  • Group Size: Minimum 6, Maximum 12
  • Age Group: Women only 16+
  • Cost per Person: $895 plus $10 BLM special area fees
  • Deposit: $300 Non-refundable deposit applies to total due
  • Deadline for Signup: 14 days prior
  • CFI's annual river rafting trip for Women: Wild By Nature takes place September 2015 on the Upper San Juan River starting in Bluff, Utah. Join CFI's Director Karla VanderZanden on this special women-only annual event. After a one-night orientation and hotel stay, enjoy three nights camping and river running on the San Juan River. Bring your mothers, daughters, sisters, friends!
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Book Cliffs/Three Canyon Utah Archaeology

A NEW exploratory vehicle tour, short hikes with guest archaeologist Dr. Carol Patterson and historian John Weisheit.

  • Where: Book Cliffs – Hay Canyon/Westwater Creek area
  • When: through
  • What months available:

    2015 Dates TBA

  • Number of Days/Nights: Friday evening-Saturday-Sunday, includes 2 night ranch B & B stay
  • Group Size: Minimum 4, maximum 8
  • Age Group: Adults and youth 16+
  • Cost per Person: 2015 Fee TBA - includes lodging, meals, contribution to CFI youth programs
  • Deposit: $150 nonrefundable, applies to total fee; full balance due 30 days prior
  • Utah Archaeology and History Trip, Book Cliffs/Three Canyon area on the Colorado/Utah border with B&B lodging. Visit ancient sites, learn about geology, mineral exploration and conservation concerns. A van tour into several unique canyons in the heart of the Book Cliffs north of Moab, Utah with short hikes led by guest experts. Includes overnight stay at nearby bed and breakfast.
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Range Creek Utah Archaeology Trip

Camping with Truck Support- Fremont Culture Archaeology and more!

  • Where: Western Book Cliffs between Green River and Price, Utah
  • When: June 19, 2015 through June 21, 2015
  • When: October 02, 2015 through October 04, 2015
  • Number of Days/Nights: 2 Days, 2 Nights - All trips meet Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon.
  • Time: Afternoon day 1 through afternoon last day
  • Group Size: Minimum 4, maximum 8
  • Age Group: Adults and Youth 16 and over (Youth fee same as Adult)
  • Cost per Person: $595 includes transportation, meals, entry fees and expert guide.
  • Deposit: $150, non-refundable, applies to total due
  • Deadline for Signup: 1 week prior to trip date in order for names to be submitted to Natural History Museum of Utah, University of Utah, for permit.
  • Range Creek Utah archaeology trip is a rare opportunity to see sites and prehistoric Fremont rock art in a two day / two night vehicle trip with overnight camping. Range Creek is hidden in the Book Cliffs of Eastern Utah. CFI Naturalists narrate the story of this unique landscape, the people who lived here, how they lived, and why they eventually left.
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Creatures of Canyonlands Seminar

1-day seminar with Dr. Tim Graham includes vehicle tour with short hikes

  • Where: Canyonlands National Park, Needles District
  • Number of Days/Nights: One day
  • Time: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Group Size: Minimum 4, maximum 8
  • Age Group: Adults and youth 16+
  • Cost per Person: 2015 Fee TBA
  • Deposit: Full fee
  • Deadline for Signup: 1 week prior
  • What lives in the desert? The Creatures of Canyonlands Seminar in the Needles District introduces you the small wonders of desert habitats. Travel to the Needles Dr. Tim Graham and Canyonlands Field Institute in Moab to learn about the little things that help make the grand landscape of Canyonlands National Park so spectacular. This wildlife seminar features the ecology of the "uncharismatic" or lesser seen microfauna. We will explore a variety of habitats in the Park, looking for small animals that live in this semi-arid environment. We will note animal signs and habits of larger mammals as well.
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LaSal Mountains Explorer Base Camp

  • Where: Warner Lake
  • When: July 14, 2015 through July 17, 2015
  • When: July 21, 2015 through July 24, 2015
  • Number of Days/Nights: 4 days, 3 nights
  • Time: 9 a.m. Tuesday to 5 p.m. Friday, campers camp overnight in tents.
  • Group Size: Min 6 and Max 20
  • Age Group: Entering 5th through 8th grades
  • Cost per Person: $200 per youth ($150 for youths attending Grand County School District)
  • Deposit: $25
  • Deadline for Signup: 7 calendar days prior to trip date.
  • Our popular Explorers Base Camp is an exciting summer opportunity for kids entering 5th through 8th grades who want to be active, have fun and learn about our amazing backyard La Sal Mountains.
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Private, Custom One Day River Trip

  • Where: Moab "Daily" stretch of the Colorado River
  • What months available:

    late April to mid-October

  • Number of Days/Nights: 1 Day
  • Time: 9 a.m to 5 p.m.
  • Age Group: Adults and Children 6 years old and up
  • Cost per Person: $570 - 1 Person
  • Cost per Person: $330 - 2 People
  • Cost per Person: $250 - 3-4 People
  • Cost per Person: $185 - 5-8 People
  • Cost per Person: $155 - 9-16 People
  • Cost per Person: $135 - 17-40 People
  • Deposit: $200 non-refundable. Full balance due 14 days prior.
  • Deadline for Signup: minimum of 2 weeks prior notice
  • Raft the "Moab Daily" Section of the Colorado River on a private custom trip one day river trip with CFI Naturalist Guides! Our Naturalist Guides are the best and most knowledgeable in the Moab, specializing in Professor Valley/Fisher Towers geology, history, river ecology, animal lore and more. Families are welcome (minimum of 6 years of age). Our guides are particularly great with kids since we work with many youth groups throughout the season. Plus you benefit from knowing your custom trip with CFI is helping to underwrite our environmental education school programs.
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Custom Colorado River Trips – Ruby / Horsethief

  • Where: Loma to either Cisco or Westwater depending on age of participants
  • What months available:

    Mid-May through Late October

  • Number of Days/Nights: 3 days/3 nights OR 4 days/4 nights
  • Age Group: Loma to Westwater Ranger Station for Adults and Youth 6 and over; Loma to Cisco (Includes Westwater Canyon) for Adults and Youth 12 and over
  • Cost per Person: $245/day - Adult
  • Cost per Person: $200/day - Youth 6-17 (must be 6 in month of trip - Loma to Westwater)
  • Cost per Person: $200/day - Youth 12-17 (must be 12 in month of trip - Loma to Cisco)
  • Cost per Person: $10 Loma-WWRS or $20 Loma-Cisco - BLM Special Area Fees/per person
  • Custom Colorado River Trips - Ruby / Horsethief - Departs Loma, Colorado, and travels through dramatic red sandstone towers. Float the mild waters of Horsethief and Ruby Canyons, OR if your children are 12 years and older extend your trip through the exciting Class III-V rapids of Westwater Canyon to Cisco, Utah! Camp in tents or under the stars while hearing stories and learning about Colorado River geology, history, and animal life from our naturalist-guides. Special nature art and games are planned for the kids. Our small group size, involvement of all in river camp life, and the enthusiasm, knowledge, and skill of our licensed naturalist-guides assure an unforgettable experience. We have lots of options on dates for this stretch.
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