Adult Adventure Seminars

Explore, Play, and Learn

at the Confluence of Adventure and Education.

These all-inclusive adult trips seamlessly blend education, experience, and exploration.

Craving an adventure that doesn’t require any planning? Our Adult Adventure Seminars are the perfect way to learn, connect, and explore while supporting an organization dedicated to helping everyone experience the outdoors.

The combination of helpful guides and knowledgeable topic experts will take care of everything, including packing gear, arranging transportation, setting up camp, and cooking meals! All you need to do is enjoy the beauty of the Colorado Plateau. See all our Adult Trip Offerings Questions? Inquire today!

Our adult adventures focus on discovery, discussion, and deepening connections. Curriculum includes exploring agency approved archeological sites, breathtaking geological formations, and unique natural and human history locations.

Your trip fees go directly to supporting our efforts to share the magic of unplugged exploration with kids all over the country! What better way to create the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts? 

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Explore with the pros

CFI works with professional archaeologists, naturalist experts, and local services to provide authentic, enriching experiences across the Colorado Plateau. Come learn from the best!

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All Inclusive Trips

Enjoy a balance of moderate physical exercise, optional nature hikes from camp or along the river, time to read from our rich trip library, great food and company, engaging conversations, spectacular night skies, and the profound silence of the desert back country.

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Help us teach kids

Helping Canyonlands Field Institute provide meaningful outdoor experiences has never been this easy! By adventuring with us, you support our youth programs. This is a win-win.

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Rainbow Bridge Trekking

After more than 50 years of outdoor adventures, the CFI Rainbow Bridge trip was a real stand out! It was definitely a top life list trip.

Nancy S

Alexandria, VA

Cedar Mesa & Bears Ears Utah Archaeology

The entire experience was mind, heart and soul opening. It was a terrific group of people and group cohesion isn’t always easy but I felt we really gelled as a group. I learned so much and, looking so far back into humanity, I feel a little less anxious about our fate as humans-not that I won’t continue on with all my engagements to make the world a better, safer and life sustaining place. Thanks for taking care of all of us. I will keep CFI on my radar. You do great work.

Anne R

Berkeley, CA

Women Wisened by Nature

My specific highlights were: Strong women, Westwater, poems, taro cards, food, geology lessons, excellent organization of trip. My general highlights: We sought to share the spirituality of the Earth and of ourselves. We left behind competition with the Earth and with one another.

Betsy R

Range Creek Archaeology

Overall, this is an excellent tour. The CFI staff are very professional, and attentive to every need of the guests. Camp management and food preparation and presentation were impressive. The guests were all very friendly and interested in the archaeology, geology, and natural history of the area.

Kevin Jones

Guest Expert, Range Creek

Women Wisened by Nature

Loved having all the fresh, home grown food. We all got to participate in whatever jobs were needed and I think that made us a real team. 

Kathy C

Washington, USA

Range Creek Archaeology

A must-do trip for the curious adventurer! Travel into the beautiful remote Range Creek canyon with loads of sightings of rock art, granaries and archaeological ruins. Guides are knowledgeable in Fremont and the local ranching history. Delicious meals.

Lori C

Adult Adventure Seminars

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The health and well-being of participants on CFI programs are a priority. Canyonlands Field Institute is committed to minimizing and mitigating the risks associated with backcountry and wilderness adventure trips and programs. Due to inherent risks associated with activities on our programs, as well as environmental considerations, CFI programs are open to individuals who meet the following Essential Eligibility Criteria, and who acknowledge their ability to meet these criteria.

Furthermore, we have instituted policies and procedures to address the COVID-19 health crisis. These protocols are specific to the COVID-19 pandemic response, and act in addition to all of our normal operating standards and best practices. Because these policies are in flux, please reach out to for more info.