An Early Spring Run of the Upper San Juan

As river runners, we are part of a tradition… River runners argue. We argue about knots and rigging, water levels and rapid lines, bighorn sheep and cowboy coffee. Especially cowboy coffee. During an early spring trip, greeting the rising sun with a mouthful of grounds became our tribute to the combination of human, geologic, and…

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To the Coyotes of Professor Valley

So it wasn’t you after all. It was just the rabbits…  I know you have more important things to do at night than sniff my toes, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming up your proximity, conjuring your interest in me like a crush. I hear you calling to each other on these hot summer…

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Build your own River Trip Library

pvfc archaeology site ammo can

Wondering what to pack in your river trip library? Check out CFI’s staff picks for our favorite books about the Colorado Plateau. We firmly believe that no trip is complete without a solid river trip library. From field guides, to poetry, to cultural history, stuffing your ammo can with words of wisdom from experts across…

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The 2022 Annual Report Is here

From IDEA, to the Apprenticeship, to a big thank you for all our supporters, our 2022 Annual Report has it all. Check out the strides CFI made in the world of outdoor education. View in your browser or download the 2022 Annual Report

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Experience the CFI Educational Journey through Film

“The River has a story to tell.” Take a journey down the San Juan River to see CFI’s educational methods firsthand. In October of 2021, Canyonlands Field Institute teamed up with Visit Utah and Local.Studio to create a film that tells the story of CFI Education on the Upper San Juan. This project is part…

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The outdoors, a place of….Accessibility?

field camp drone footage 1@0.75x

Part 1 of our series on Accessibility in the outdoors. Read part 2: Professor Valley, Place of…Accessibility. All of us have access needs, we all have things that we need to do or have access to, to be able to interact and engage with the world, to feel comfortable with the world, to be able…

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Professor Valley, Place of…Accessibility

areal pvfc drone shot driveway, landscape

Part 2 of our series on Accessibility in the outdoors. Read part 1: The Outdoors, a place of … Accessibility? Anyone who has spent a few nights at Professor Valley Field Camp will testify that it is a magical place. Located along the Colorado River, it is surrounded by public spaces, peppered with leafy cottonwoods,…

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National Parks are public, but are they for everyone?

arches national park double arch scenic

Join Misha Euceph, and CFI’s Michele Johnson, for a introspective journey through Arches National Park In 2021, Misha Euceph set out on a road trip adventure across America to answer the question: “If the National Parks are public, aren’t they supposed to be for everyone?” Through her journey she is able to uncover often untold…

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