Student Perspectives: Desert Nights

PVFC storm rainbow evan smiley

A Poem by CFI Student Carter Reynolds written at Professor Valley Field Camp Desert Nights Welcome,Welcome – Lovers, haters, givers, takersWelcome – to all those who dance and sing, tothose who dip and dodge on foot andwingWelcomeTo the desert night. Unwelcome, Unwelcome–to the Jeep-filled roads, to your Unkempt little trash pile loads Unwelcome you foul…

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Student Perspectives: River Life

An Essay by CFI student Will, written about the San Juan River As the seven days on the river passed faster than they should have, I absorbed more than just the sun and wind, but a few of its teachings along the way. I saw that the desert has an abundance of sand that likes…

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Archeology, Wonder, Exploration in Cedar Mesa

Dwelling, Cedar Mesa

Originally published in the Park Record. There was an extra space on a fabulous trip put together by the long established talented folks of Canyonlands Field Institute and I was offered the spot. As a gift. For three days and nights, basecamp was the Recapture Lodge in Bluff with meals and guides and sunshine and red rocks.…

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River Goddesses

The Mosquitos  “First night on the women’s trip. We are all going to bed and it’s not yet 9pm. I want to know what has made these women feel wild.”  – From my waterproof notebook.  We are driven to bed that first night not by fatigue, but by massive, vicious, visible swarms of mosquitos.   It is an…

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Cooling off with Llamas

Most desert enthusiasts are familiar with the works of Edward Abbey. But, did you know that Abbey loved llamas as much as we do here at CFI?  “Late in August, the lure of the mountains becomes irresistible. Seared by the everlasting sunfire, I want to see running water again, embrace a pine tree, get bit…

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Indigenous Connections to Water

Indigenous Connections to Water information flyer

Join founders of River Newe, Jessica and Sammy Matsaw, along with Indigenous guides, Nikki and Colleen Cooley, and Lyle Balenquah for a virtual screening and panel discussion of two short films that highlight Indigenous connections to water. Water Flows Together elevates the importance of acknowledging Indigenous lands in outdoor recreation through the voice of Colleen…

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Trust Walk

Trust is an essential part of any community. This activity is designed to stretch comfort zones, establish responsible communication, and develop social and emotional health within a community. Trust walks are a powerful tool to create memorable connections between people of any age.

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Mysterious Objects of Wonder

This activity is for those who want to have some fun and hone their observational abilities while doing some collaborative art. It is designed to promote communication and artistic expression while encouraging participants to take a closer look at everyday natural objects.

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Scent Exploration

Getting restless come sunset? Play a game with your kids or community! At Canyonlands Field Institute we find that games are one of the best ways to learn about ourselves and the natural environment.

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