Board of Trustees

CFI’s Current Board of Trustees

Chair: Dr. Dee Garceau, Filmmaker; Professor of History, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

Vice Chair: Xandra Odland, BEACON Elementary Programs Coordinator

Treasurer: Robert Greenberg, Retired Director, Four Corners Behavioral Health, Moab, UT

Secretary: Tom Rees, Retired Construction Contractor, Moab, UT


Ryan Anderson, Retired Teacher, Castle Valley, UT

Sue Bellagamba, Canyonlands Regional Director, The Nature Conservancy, Moab, UT

David Brown, Business Owner and Photographer, Moab, UT

Walt Dabney, Retired Southeast Utah Group Superintendent, Moab, UT

Dr. Roslynn McCann, Professor of Sustainability, USU, Moab, UT

Elaine Gizler, Executive Director of Moab Travel Council, Moab, UT

Shawn Crawford, Owner/Professional Guide, Beautiful World Adventures, Park City, UT

Ex officio: Karla Joy VanderZanden, Co-founder and Executive Director, Canyonlands Field Institute, Moab, UT

Apply to be considered to serve on CFI’s volunteer governance Board of Trustees or to serve on a committee.


The volunteer governance board provides oversight and leadership in the following categories:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Program direction
  • Fundraising
  • Financial and risk management
  • Board development

Trustees are current members of CFI and familiar with CFI’s educational mission. Trustees commit to active participation, to the leadership of finite, well-defined projects, to contribute financially and to be actively involved in raising additional funds towards fulfilling CFI’s mission. CFI Bylaws require a minimum of three positions. Residence in Moab is not required. 

TERM: The term of service is three years. A trustee may be re-elected for another term. A trustee may reapply after a waiting period of 12 months following the second term. See below on situations that may arise that would affect continued full service during a term. The Executive Director/CEO serves in a non-voting capacity with no term limits. 

OFFICERS: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer elected for one-year terms. Officers may be elected for two consecutive one-year terms as long as they are still within a second term time frame as trustee.  

BOARD MEETINGS: Are held four times a year with committee or project meetings held in the in-between months. Meetings are held at the CFI headquarters/office or at another suitable business location in town. The day of week and time of day would be set annually. Trustees may attend remotely by telephone or zoom. 

The annual schedule of meeting dates and time is set each October for the following year. As per CFI Bylaws, special meetings of the board can be called with 30 days and written notice to all trustees. Vote without a meeting can be taken if trustees and CEO unanimously vote to waive the right to a meeting and vote unanimously on the item proposed. Trustees are asked to declare any potential or actual conflicts of interest annually.

PROGRAM PARTICIPATION: Trustees are asked to participate annually in at least one CFI adult/family or school program (or visit one in action.) Nominees for trustees should be current members of CFI and visit or attend a CFI program prior to selection. Participation is viewed as an important opportunity to refresh on CFI’s mission, interact with staff, and to bring guests as new friends for CFI. Trustees may take a 50% discount on fees or may request to work the trip as an assistant “swamper” if qualified,  and which would include pre and post-trip work.  

MONETARY CONTRIBUTION: CFI trustees are expected to contribute significantly during their board tenure. All trustees are asked to be current as dues-paying (cash) members at the level appropriate for personal circumstances and to give to special additional campaigns at some level.

Please contact for additional information and application.