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Coyote's Corner | Unplugged

An Early Spring Run of the Upper San Juan

As river runners, we are part of a tradition... to settle the grounds? River runners argue. We argue about ...
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Unplugging in Professor Valley

How do CFI students create a Sense of Place? On the first day of a fall Professor Valley Field Camp, ...
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To the Coyotes of Professor Valley

So it wasn’t you after all. It was just the rabbits…  I know you have more important things to do ...
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PVFC storm rainbow evan smiley

Student Perspectives: Desert Nights

A Poem by CFI Student Carter Reynolds written at Professor Valley Field Camp Desert Nights Welcome,Welcome - Lovers, haters, givers, ...
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uintah river high school looking at river

Video: Uintah River High Schoolers Replaced Classroom Walls with Canyon Walls

Twenty two Uintah River students embarked on an educational adventure in the Canyon Country of Southeastern Utah. Their expedition took ...
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Cooling off with Llamas

Most desert enthusiasts are familiar with the works of Edward Abbey. But, did you know that Abbey loved llamas as ...
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