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Experience the CFI Educational Journey through Film

"The River has a story to tell." Take a journey down the San Juan River to see CFI's educational methods ...
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Unplugging in Professor Valley

How do CFI students create a Sense of Place? On the first day of a fall Professor Valley Field Camp, ...
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To the Coyotes of Professor Valley

So it wasn’t you after all. It was just the rabbits…  I know you have more important things to do ...
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Build your own River Trip Library

Wondering what to pack in your river trip library? Check out CFI's staff picks for our favorite books about the ...
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The First Year Naturalist Educator Program: A Confluence of Lessons & Memories

Not all skills are technical. Here are some moments from the field that provided insights beyond my initial training. When ...
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Rooting Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in Outdoor Education

“Nature will teach us many lessons if we take the time to visit her classroom.” - Donald L. Hicks For ...
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A Guide’s Field Journal of ’22 Native Teen Guide In Training Camp

Brandi Atene shares insights, memories, and stories from the 2022 Native Teen Guide Rafting Trip The 2022 Native Teen Guide ...
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The 2022 Annual Report Is here

From IDEA, to the Apprenticeship, to a big thank you for all our supporters, our 2022 Annual Report has it ...
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The outdoors, a place of….Accessibility?

Part 1 of our series on Accessibility in the outdoors. Read part 2: Professor Valley, Place of...Accessibility. All of us ...
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Professor Valley, Place of…Accessibility

Part 2 of our series on Accessibility in the outdoors. Read part 1: The Outdoors, a place of ... Accessibility? ...
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