Coyote’s Corner

At Canyonlands Field Institute we are committed to providing quality outdoor education to you, your family, and your students. CFI's educational team is publishing at-home versions of our field lessons to encourage connection, exploration, and fun. We will be sharing new lessons, journal prompts, and games each week for parents and educators designed to connect people with their natural surroundings and each other.

After each lesson share your creations with us! Also, share any ideas for future curriculum you would like us to create!

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Trust Walk

Trust is an essential part of any community. This activity is designed to stretch comfort zones, establish responsible communication, and develop social and emotional health within a community. Trust walks are a powerful tool to create memorable connections between people of any age.

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Indigenous Connections to Water

Join founders of River Newe, Jessica and Sammy Matsaw, along with Indigenous guides, Nikki and Colleen Cooley, and Lyle Balenquah for a virtual screening and panel discussion of two short films that highlight Indigenous connections to water. Water Flows Together elevates the importance of acknowledging Indigenous lands in outdoor recreation through the voice of Colleen Cooley, one of a few female Diné (Navajo) river guides on the San Juan River. River of Return follows River Newe founders and Shoshone-Bannock tribe […]

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Mysterious Objects of Wonder

This activity is for those who want to have some fun and hone their observational abilities while doing some collaborative art. It is designed to promote communication and artistic expression while encouraging participants to take a closer look at everyday natural objects.

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Scent Exploration

Getting restless come sunset? Play a game with your kids or community! At Canyonlands Field Institute we find that games are one of the best ways to learn about ourselves and the natural environment.

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Sit Spot

Want to help your kids, friends, and yourself deepen your sense of place? The Sit Spot is one of the most powerful tools you can use to develop that connection. In our active lives, it might feel strange to sit and do nothing for 7 minutes. However, giving our brains a chance to slow down and process the world around us is essential for healthy development. After this activity, you will feel recharged and ready to take on the rest […]

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Constellation Exploration

The night sky has been the source of stories and inspiration throughout history. Creating and telling stories is a great way to learn about your kids and your community, their inspiration, what they find funny, and how they relate to their surroundings. Here’s a great way to engage your community with the night sky while inspiring low-tech entertainment and creativity.

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Bat and Moth

Getting restless come sunset? Play a game with your kids or community! At Canyonlands Field Institute we find that games are one of the best ways to learn about ourselves and the natural environment. Here’s a great game to learn more about one of our favorite animals, the bat, and it’s night time adaptations! Great for Night Time!

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Art Around Us

Feeling creative? Don’t have a creative bone in your body? Either way, take a look at this inclusive activity that inspires artistic genius through natural everyday objects!

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Create A Sound Map

Sound Maps are a great way to expand your senses, slow down, and observe your world in a different way. This is a fun activity no matter your age. We love this lesson because it helps students immerse themselves in nature, open their senses, and practice active listening. Try the sound map lesson at one of our favorite places, Professor Creek! Plug in your headphones and listen to the sounds of nature.

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World’s Greatest Psychologist

Stuck inside? Here’s a quick game that’s sure to promote healing through laughter.

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