Coyote’s Corner

At Canyonlands Field Institute we are committed to providing quality outdoor education to you, your family, and your students. CFI's educational team is publishing at-home versions of our field lessons to encourage connection, exploration, and fun. We will be sharing new lessons, journal prompts, and games each week for parents and educators designed to connect people with their natural surroundings and each other.

After each lesson share your creations with us! Also, share any ideas for future curriculum you would like us to create!

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Yes, And!

“Yes! And..” is one of our favorite games at CFI. It’s a fun activity that gets the creative juices flowing while also promoting active listening and public speaking. We often use it to help students feel comfortable speaking in front of the group while also giving everyone a good opportunity to laugh and learn more about each other.

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Journal Prompt: Outdoor Adventures

Journaling can be a great way to relieve stress, collect and express feelings, or simply take some time for one-self. Here is a journaling prompt you can use to inspire yourself and others within your quarantine community. Write about an outdoor adventure you’ve had using each of these 5 words at least once. Ancient, Rustle, Swift, Sagebrush, Veins

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Family Group Contract

Uncertain, frustrating, and isolating are just a few of the words that could be used to describe what life is like in our homes and communities. During this time, bringing your families together to create an environment of positive communication will help to weather the storm. On Canyonlands Field Institute expeditions, we use Group Contracts as a tool to promote learning and help students feel confident when they are out of their comfort zones. Group Contracts establish communication norms, give […]

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