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Food, fun, stargazing and optional campout for all CFI members!

Annual Member Appreciation Picnic

Join us at our lovely Professor Valley Field Camp for an evening of delicious food and beautiful views. Lets celebrate a season of getting people outside in the best way possible, spending time outside. If you’d like to spend the night bring a tent, a camper, or stay in one of our Thi’pis. We will provide dinner and breakfast, as well as a glimpse into how our youth programs are run. We will also have the option to participate in a service project in partnership with Rim-to-Rim restoration at their Mayberry site just down the street the next day.

This event is free for CFI members. If you are not a member and would like to come, head to to sign up for our $30 annual membership before registering. If you have any questions email or call 435-355-2062

Event Info

Professor Valley Field Camp
October 16, 2021