Field Camp Futures Reflections and Ripples

What do students take home from field camp?


Each visiting group at Professor Valley Field Camp is evaluated on their experience; what they learned and what could be improved. Below are direct quotes from last year’s participants. You’ll find that many lessons go beyond knowing the names of geologic formations and plants!
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What did you learn about yourself and getting along as a group in the outdoors?


Cooperation in action

I learned what it’s like to collaborate on duties and how to shift my perspectives.

I’m a good leader, but sometimes I need to let others lead as well.

I’ve learned that we have to respect everyone and how to work as a group.

I learned that I can be friends with people outside of my friend group.

I learned that teamwork is the key to survival.

That I am capable of many things that I didn’t know that I could do.
Getting along is more fun!



What did you learn that you can take home to help care for your own community and natural places?

Camper and lizard

Field camper contemplates a basking lizard

I learned how to identify wildlife that could be fragile and how to respect it.

There are a lot of ways I can conserve and things I can save and still use before I throw away. I learned to respect every living thing, even the tiny bugs.

To treat every living thing with kindness.

I learned if you are quiet for a while you see and hear a lot more things.

I learned that sometimes to preserve something it’s better to leave it alone.

I learned that it’s important to respect nature around you because it gives us what we need to survive.
I can take care to leave only footprints and work hard to never harm wildlife, setting an example for others.

Every group that visits PVFC inspire CFI naturalist guides to continue to pursue careers in outdoor education and wilderness conservation.

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“I want to see more and explore more. I didn’t realize how interested I was in the desert!”

–Olivia Cooper, 2016 PVFC participant


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