Field Camp Futures -Annual Fund

Every year, we dedicate resources toward our iconic Professor Valley Field Camp and its related programming!

Your generous Field Camp Futures donations are targeted to support:

Professor Valley Permaculture

We have been working hard to revegetate this land. Thanks to community partners like Utah Conservation Corps, and Terrasophia, we have been able to bring native landscaping back to this former horse ranch. Your support goes a long way to help us maintain invasive species and revitalize the landscape.

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La Salle PVFC 2017-104

Scholarships for PVFC and outdoor science programs!

Every kid deserves the chance to learn outside. Professor Valley Field Camp is the ideal place to explore science and art in nature. Your support ensures that this space is available for all kids regardless of their school's ability to fund the program.

Guide Apprenticeship Fund

The CFI Apprenticeship is one of the most robust guide training programs available. Apprenti spend a month gaining technical guiding and education skills that provide them with the stepping stones of a career path in nonprofit administration, teaching, and guiding.

Your support today creates educators for tomorrow.