Field Camp Futures: Experiential Learning

Thinking outside the classroom

Canyonlands Field Institute teaches through experiential learning and uses hands-on lessons to challenge students (and teachers!) to think outside of the classroom. Experiential learning, or learning by doing, has been the cornerstone of the programs run by the Canyonlands Field Institute.
This type of teaching channels kids’ energy into learning; letting them have fun and be active while actually learning about the world around them. Not only is this a more fun way for kids to learn, but studies have shown that we learn better by doing!


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This has been an amazing experience. The instructors are very knowledgeable and find engaging ways to teach the lessons. I loved the interactivity of lessons to make them more memorable, such as recreating a map of the four corners, playing a game about biological soil crust, and a lab on water velocity. As much as I have traveled, this has been one of the most impactful trips I have ever been on.
–2016 field camp teacher participant

Experiential Learning Impact

Students develop their sense of place and learn that they are capable of taking on any challenge. Morgan Reed, a 2016 student, shared, “I learned that even if something seems scary I can do it.”

Teachers and chaperones experience these lessons, too! A teacher from last year related, “The program was perfectly balanced. I believe the kids learned the power and importance of adaptation! Great games and activities to bring back to our community.”

Naturalist Guides learn as they teach. They lesson plan and work as an organized team to have a safe and responsible education experience. They love working outside as youth mentors and sharing values on living a responsible life. As they teach, they’re growing their own confidence, communication skills, and overall professionalism. Plus, they have a lot of fun! Heather Reynolds, a 2017 naturalist guide says, “I love teaching about things like cryptobiotic soil and desert varnish that people see all the time in the desert, but don’t even know how cool they are!”


Everyone is incredibly passionate about what they are doing, very informed, and able to keep the energy throughout the session. I like what you guys are doing here and would love to come back.

–2016 field camp teacher participant

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