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Welcome to Professor Valley Field Camp

Professor Valley Field Camp tipis

Lakota-style tipis at Professor Valley Field Camp

At Professor Valley Field Camp, Canyonlands Field Institute naturalist guides serve one group at a time with a variety of engaging activities. Students learn about desert plants, animals, geology, public lands management, and how to interact with a wild landscape. These educational lessons instill values for taking care of the landscape in their own communities through consideration, communication, and cooperation.

Donate today to help CFI raise $5,000 for field camp improvements! PVFC provides a one-of-a-kind learning environment for our future leaders, teachers, and parents.


What is Professor Valley Field Camp?

Professor Valley Field Camp is a quiet 40-acre retreat. It is located in a sparsely populated and dramatically beautiful setting in iconic canyon country. PVFC fulfills Canyonland Field Institute’s mission by providing a supported, rustic outdoor experience for schools and youth groups.
PVFC is near magnificent rock formations, Professor Creek, and woodlands that house a variety of wildlife habitats. It’s also a place of solitude with dark skies for nightly constellation viewings. This immersive field camp presents a one-of-a-kind experience for students to grow as individuals and together as a group.


“I learned that working together helps us so much more than just working alone.”

–Maxwell Nikkari, 2016 PVFC participant

The field camp’s amenities and curriculum require continual enhancement to ensure a safe and fulfilling learning experience for all.
Your donations will help CFI procure ADA-modified picnic tables, replace seating around our fire circle, update teaching tools like our activity-packed field journals, and much more!
Every dollar donated directly supports youth experience at the field camp. The empowering lessons they take home are lasting and far-reaching. By donating today, you are supporting a sustainable future!


“This experience was amazing and I hope I can come again!”

–Shari Linares, 2016 PVFC participant


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