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Journal Prompt: Leaves

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Journaling can be a great way to relieve stress, collect and express feelings, or simply take some time for one-self. Here is a journaling prompt you can use to inspire yourself and others within your quarantine community:
Leaves come in endless sizes, colors, smells, and textures, and therefore Botanists have a delightful diversity of words to describe them! Take yourself on a textural tour of your garden, your houseplants, the weeds in your lawn – how many textures are represented? How many different words can you find to describe them?

Here are some great words and definitions to help you on your garden tour
Words to describe textures:

Tomentose: Covered in matted, woolly hairs
Arachnoid: Having fine, entageled hairs (much like a cobweb)
Stellate: Hairs grow in star-shaped clusters
Glabrous: Completely smooth, not hairy at all
Coriaceous: Leather-like
Glaucous: Covered in a whitish or bluish waxy coating