Plan a School Program

We have the experience to make it easy.

For over 30 years, we’ve taken school groups large and small to destinations all across the Colorado Plateau. Our curriculum actively creates connection between students and themselves, with each other, with to nature.

Educational adventures await!

Step 1

Find the right trip for you

What are your educational goals

What is your general window of availability

Roughly how many students

We will help you pick the right experience for your group!

Step 2

Get Ready...

We'll email you the registration materials and instructions

We'll chat with you about curriculum goals

Organize your pre and post trip travel logistics

Recruit your chaperones -  A ratio of 1:12 chaperones to students

Step 3

And Go!

Engage the students

Engage the parents

Prep the chaperones

Step back and let CFI take care of curriculum, food, and logistics

Remember to plan early!

We suggest you begin planning for your trip six to eight months in advance. This will assure that we can create the best program for your group with dates and locations you desire. May and September are our busiest months, and can book quickly!

CFI takes pride in helping you select an adventure that best suits your group size, educational goals, time frame, and budget.

Remember that we are here to help! Keep in mind that when it is time for your trip, you and your group will be treated to planned curriculum, filling meals, and smooth logistics.

The Planning Details: