Professor Valley Field Camp

A Unique Land-Based Experience for Your School or Youth Group

The Setting:

Professor Valley Field Camp (PVFC) is located in a breathtaking setting just 20 miles from Moab and Arches National Park, just off of Hwy 128 (GPS Coordinates: 38.709650, -109.371585) on the banks of Professor Creek, and only minutes from the Colorado River. Our field camp is situated on private land under lease for outdoor education purposes.

  • Spectacular Scenery including Fisher Towers and Castleton Tower
  • Red rock cliffs
  • Perennial stream
  • Views of the La Sal Mountains
  • Outdoor Learning Adventures to remember!

Professor Valley Field Camp is an ideal location for spring and fall field studies. The area is highly scenic and often filmed as a set for movies. PVFC is perfect for a quiet retreat, to learn with a CFI Naturalist about desert plants, animals, geology and public lands management, and have time for your own curriculum as well.

Facility and Amenities:

PVFC can accommodate groups up to 60.

  • We provide roomy Lakota-style tipis with cots for sleeping. Participants bring their own sleeping bags, pads, pillows and ground cloths as well as toiletries.
  • We provide healthy, balanced meals, snacks, water, lemonade, coffee, tea with menus and can try to accommodate a variety of special dietary needs and restrictions. For additional dietary concerns, you may bring supplemental foods (storage provided; no adjustment to fees)
  • Culinary water is provided
  • Toilet facilities are provided
  • Enjoy being "unplugged", and savor nature’s pace and gifts while staying with us. There's no telephone at the camp and cell coverage is unreliable, but a phone is available at Sorrel River Ranch.
  • Campfire circle for 60.

Keep in mind this is camping; there is limited outside lighting so bring flashlights and headlamps. Quiet hours are between 10 PM and 7 AM in respect for the neighboring ranch.

You'll savor deep silence, awesome views, excellent hiking, and an unbelievable starry night sky far away from city lights!

CFI Staff Provides:

  • Nutritious and tasty meals.
  • Site management and naturalist orientation to the area.
  • Programs throughout the day.
  • Short guided nature hikes.

Beyond that, you have time to work with your own group or explore on your own near the camp. Group participants help with a camp service project, meal preparation, and cleanup.

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