Trip Planning for School/Youth Groups

Start planning your next Land or River Outdoor Education Adventure with CFI

Plan early! We suggest you begin planning for your group six to eight months in advance and no less than two months in advance. This will assure that we can create the best program for your group with dates and locations you desire. CFI takes pride in helping you select a School or Youth Program that best suits your group size, educational goals, time frame, and budget.

Call CFI to discuss the best options for your group. We are here to assist you!

Below is information you'll need to begin planning your school’s program.

Or call us today: 800-860-5262. We’ll make it 
as easy as possible!

Relax, and know that CFI will have terrific instructors, great food, and smooth logistics waiting for you when you arrive.



“All lessons were hands-on, real-life, high impact, and were taught with meaningful expectations – therefore, they produced a great response from the students ... 
A highlight was the bonding among a diverse group of students in one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

Principal Melinda Snow, Grand County, Utah, Middle School.