Summer Camps

This summer, give your kid the chance
to explore, make friends, and play.

With options for ages 6 through high school, you are sure to find a program your kids will enjoy. Day Camps run Monday through Friday and begin and end at CFI headquarters in Moab. Overnight camps also begin and end at CFI headquarters, and include food, camping, and river gear needed throughout the camp.

CFI Summer Camps are open to all kids, local and nonlocal, and they are designed to support the families of Grand and San Juan Counties. Thanks to our Business Sponsors and Grantors, we are able to charge local families only about 50% of what it costs to actually run these camps.

All camps and summer opportunities use hands-on nature based activities to promote connection to self, others, and the outdoors!

Explorer Base Camp 2018-397

Connection to the Outdoors

At CFI, summer time is for exploration and play. Our camps provide a fun environment for kids to create some of that unplugged summer magic essential for healthy development. All camps have a variety of activities designed for kids to learn about the outdoors in a hands-on, constructive way.

Explorer Base Camp 2018-558

Teamwork and Communication

All camps feature activities that are designed to highlight Social and Emotional Learning. CFI guides help promote positive growth in self-management, teamwork, group awareness, communication, leadership, and responsible decision making.

Explorer Base Camp 2018-143

Experienced educators

CFI has over 35 years of experience leading outdoor expeditions. Our educators bring science to life, connect with campers, and provide guidance and technical skill education to your kids.  Our guides are trained in risk management, first aid, and CPR, and our trip leaders are certified Wilderness First Responders. In the back country, we carry in-reach devices in case of emergency.

Adventure Day Camp

It was very nice to know my child was going to be learning and be challenged throughout the week camp. It was also important to me that she was outside breathing fresh air and playing games that promote physical activity. It was also nice to feel confident that my daughter was in a program where I didn't have to worry about her all day, I know she was very well cared for, that CFI guides were making sure she drank water, and that they had fun and educational lessons to keep her entertained.

Alisha S

Summer Camp Parent

Explorer Base Camp

I liked when we climbed the mountain because it was challenging... I learned that pushing myself is actually quite fun and others can help to push you.

Baxter W

Explorer Base Camp Participant

Adventure Day Camp

CFI summer camp was incredible. My son loved playing with and learning from his counselors. Having a day camp during a pandemic was a heavy lift, but CFI staff did a great job following the CDC guidelines and create a safe space for the campers. I also think my son is more prepared for school and this ‘new normal’ by playing in his face mask with friends at camp. Thank you CFI!

Emily N

Summer Camp Parent

Adventure Day Camp

“I don’t want camp to end because I am having so much fun and being with friends” 

“We’ve been playing in the creek and going on adventures and exploring and finding cool things” 

“The coolest thing I learned was about dinosaurs.” 

“My favorite time was when I was helping my friend” 

“I learned more about other people, I learned to be patient” 

“I love everything today except one thing…going home!” 

2020 Adventure Day Campers

Adventure Day Camp

It was missing in the community having different activities and learning about where we live, learning together as a team, and helping each other being considerate of each other. Staff dealt with kids and parents very well about any incidents. There was one minor incident between children (that was not a big deal at all) but we found it so reassuring that CFI staff reached out to the parents to discuss the incident in an appropriate way so the parents knew what was going on. The staff was incredible. Kudos to them for managing all the different types. You could see the staff instilling and establishing boundaries between play time and when it was time to do lessons.

Michael K

Summer Camp Parent

Explorer Base Camp

All of my guides were awesome and hardworking.

Conor C

Explorer Base Camp Participant

Explorer Base Camp

This was the best camp and a big highlight of my summer!

Sofia G

Explorer Base Camp Participant

Explorer Base Camp

“I learned about using a map and compass and about the different plants.” 

 “I learned that I can walk really far and that I like worms” 

“I learned that I really love to hike!” 

“The outside world is more amazing than anyone can imagine.” 

“I learned you become closer [as a group] in the outdoors.” 

“I can do anything because I hiked Gold Knob!” 

“I learned that as an individual I can help care for my community and natural places.” 

“I learned how to protect natural places by leaving no trace.” 

“My favorite lesson was learning about nature, because it makes me feel closer to the earth.” 

Explorer Base Camp Participants