Summer Camps

This summer, give your kid the chance
to explore, make friends, and play.

With options for ages 6 through high school, you are sure to find a program your kids will enjoy. Day Camps run Monday through Friday and begin and end at CFI headquarters in Moab. Overnight camps also begin and end at CFI headquarters, and include food, camping, and river gear needed throughout the camp.

All camps and summer opportunities use hands-on nature based activities to promote connection to self, others, and the outdoors!

Explorer Base Camp 2018-397

Connection to the Outdoors

At CFI, summer time is for exploration and play. Our camps provide a fun environment for kids to recreate some of that unplugged summer magic essential for healthy development. All camps have a variety of activities designed for kids to learn about the outdoors in a hands-on, constructive way.

Explorer Base Camp 2018-558

Teamwork and Communication

All camps feature activities that are designed to highlight Social and Emotional Learning. CFI guides help promote positive growth in self-management, teamwork, group awareness, communication, leadership, and responsible decision making.

Explorer Base Camp 2018-143

Experienced educators

CFI has over 35 years of experience leading outdoor expeditions. Our educators bring science to life, connect with campers, and provide guidance and technical skill education to your kids.  Our guides are trained in risk management, first aid, and CPR, and our trip leaders are certified Wilderness First Responders. In the back country, we carry in-reach devices in case of emergency.