Rainbow Bridge Trail Supported Trekking

Supported trekking with pack llamas, CFI, and Navajo guides on the historic traditional pilgrimage route to spectacular Rainbow Bridge

Hike and camp with llama packstock support on the traditional pilgrimage route to Rainbow Bridge, the earth's largest natural bridge, and sacred place to the Navajo culture. The trip starts in Page, AZ with hotel stay and trip orientation first evening with CFI guide. We travel to Navajo Mountain by van the next day and do a half day hike and visit a Navajo family, and camp or stay in their guest hogan. We are guests of the Atene family. Four nights on the trail, and a boat ride out the last day! A rare cultural experience you won't want to miss!

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  • Where: Page, AZ and Navajo Mountain, UT; Rainbow Bridge Nat'l Monument
  • Number of Days/Nights: Six nights and six days
  • Group Size: Minimum 6, maximum 8
  • Age Group: Adults and youth 16+
  • Cost per Person: $2980.00 non-members; $2831.00 CFI members PLUS $60 Navajo Nation Special Use Fee
  • Deposit: $500 (non-refundable) applies to total due
  • Deadline for Signup: 14 days prior
  • Navajo Mountain Archaeology and Navajo Culture

    Join the Atene Family and guest archaeologist Sally Cole on day hikes at Navajo Mountain

    Learn about prehistoric and current Navajo and Paiute cultural groups that have called Naatsis'aan (Navajo Mountain) home. This trip is designed and led by CFI's Founder, Karla VanderZanden together with guest archaeologist Sally Cole and members of the Navajo Mountain Atene family. We make a base tent camp with truck support and take half day and full day hikes to sites in the family's traditional grazing area and other sites we have permission to visit near the community.

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  • Where: Navajo Mountain, Arizona/Utah Border
  • Number of Days/Nights: Four nights, four days which includes first night lodge stay and orientation in Bluff, then three nights camping with truck support with Navajo family.
  • Time: Evening day one through afternoon last day
  • Group Size: Minimum 5, maximum 8
  • Age Group: Adults and youth 16+
  • Cost per Person: $1670/person; or CFI Member $1587.50 plus $48 Navajo Nation fees
  • Deposit: $300 (non-refundable) applies to total due
  • Deadline for Signup: Cancelled