Adventure Day Camp

A hands-on exploration camp in Moab’s natural surroundings!

Adventure Day Camp consists of daily excursions to some of Moab’s greatest gems, including Moonflower Canyon, the La Sal Mountains, and Grandstaff Trail, among others! Naturalist Educators fill the days with developmentally appropriate lessons, explorative play, team-building games, arts and crafts, and other activities designed to give kids the chance to make friends and be in nature. This summer, you can give your kids the gift of unplugged outdoor exploration in nature. 

Eco-Splorers: July 1 – 5, 2024

Rising grades 1-3 or ages 7-9

9:00am – 12:50pm

Eco-splorers is a summer day camp designed to introduce your kids to the wonders of the outside world. The camp visits a different location each day, spending time learning, exploring, and experiencing various sites around the Moab area. Through fun, hands-on activities, your kids will immerse themselves within the outdoors. CFI campers develop key motor skills through crafts and games, increase their communication skills through teambuilding activities, and spend time moving around outdoors.

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Desert Dwellers: July 8 – 12, 2024

Rising Grades 4-6 or ages 10 – 13

9:00am – 3:50pm

Desert Dwellers is a summer day camp designed to unravel some of the mysteries within the desert surrounding the Moab area. Who has lived here in the past? Who lives here now? To answer some of these questions, we will be exploring the ecology, archeology, and paleontology of the surrounding area through hands on games and educational activities. Your kid will develop communication skills through teambuilding games, and spend time moving about outside, while immersing themselves in the ancient past and intriguing present of Moab.

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Various points of interest within the Moab Area
Drop Off/Pick Up:
CFI Headquarters
Monday - Friday

This is how we rate the challenges you might face on a CFI trip.

Level 1 - Easy

  • Low level of physical activity, minimal movement required
  • 0 nights spent camping or in the field
  • Hiking or walking 0-2 miles per day

Level 2 - Moderate

  • Medium level of physical activity, some movement required
  • 1-4 nights spent camping or in the field
  • Hiking up to 4 miles per day
  • Flatwater or mild whitewater rapids

Level 3 - Active

  • Medium or high level of physical activity
  • 1-5 nights spent camping or in the field
  • Hiking up to 5 miles per day
  • Class I - III whitewater rapids

Level 4 - Challenging

  • High level of physical activity
  • 1-6 nights spent camping or in the field
  • Hiking 5 or more miles per day
  • Class IV whitewater rapids
CFI's Essential Eligibility Criteria outlines specific challenges that you may face on CFI trips. Please consult the EEC for information on responsibilities of participants.

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Trip Narrative

Adventure Day Camp is a great addition to your kid’s summer activities!


Time to meet our new friends for the week! On day 1, we take our time to make sure that students have what they need for the day. We’ll play a fun introductory name-game before we work as a team to develop a group expectations contract. After that, we will head out on the day’s adventure in our air conditioned vans. We will have the campers back and ready for pickup by 3:50 (or 12:50 for Eco-Splorers).

Tuesday – Friday

We take our time to explore fun spots around Moab. Locations and activities vary with each camp, so kids returning from week to week will encounter new and different experiences. We will likely go fishing in the La Sals, swimming at Ken’s Lake, and explore dinosaur tracks in Mill Canyon. Other locations include Moonflower canyon, Courthouse Wash, and our field camp site in Professor Valley.

Kids will go on short hikes, play games, and complete activities designed to help them slow down and connect to each other. Our days are filled with hands on activities that will help your kid embrace nature. You can expect your camper to get dirty, enjoy new experiences, and have fun!

While lunch is not provided, CFI will provide snacks and drinking water throughout the day.


Some people say food is the most important part of the adventure. On all our overnight trips, CFI will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a morning and afternoon snack, and an appetizer before dinner. If you have a dietary restriction or food allergy, note it on your medical form so we can best prepare.

Depends on the trip. As a general rule, CFI provides all group gear related to fully outfitting your trip. Specialized gear like PFDs, wetsuits, dry bags, educational materials are all provided by CFI. Additionally, we take care of all kitchen and dishware needs. 

Find out more about trip specific packing.

Most importantly, a willingness to slow down, connect to your surroundings, and experience the moment. Additionally, participants are required to bring a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, personal clothing, medication, and other essential personal items. Many gear items are available for rent. Reach out to us if you are interested in seeing a trip specific packing list, or learn more about trip specific packing here.

CFI provides options to rent gear:

  • Two person tent: $30 / trip
  • Sleeping bag: $20 / trip
  • Kid sleeping pad: $7 / trip
  • Adult sleeping pad (paco pad): $15 / trip
  • Package deal: Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and one tent per two people: $40 / trip

For any CFI summer camp, gear rentals are free!

Every CFI guide has either a Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder certification. Your trip leader will have a Wilderness First Responder certification. Anyone working with youth has passed a background check, and shuttle drivers are insured with clean driving records. Backcountry trips carry In-Reach satellite communication devices for emergencies. All guides have been evaluated by Canyonlands Field Institute as possessing the judgement, skills, and disposition required for mitigating risk in the field. 

As technology grows more and more invasive by the day, CFI promotes connection to what matters. To achieve this, all school and youth programs are unplugged and students are not permitted to bring electronic devices. Not only is there rarely cell service, devices are a distraction to our ability to connect to the present moment. On Private Group Trips or Adult Seminars, the use of devices is permitted but discouraged.

CFI works hard to ensure a positive experience for all guides and participants. Because of the unpredictable nature of outfitting, we have created a series of policies so maintain our ability to manage risk in the outdoors.

For critical information regarding cancellations, deposits, and other participant responsibilities, please view our trip policies page or contact us with any questions.

Thanks for asking...We know this can be an awkward subject. The fact is, our guides work extremely hard and appreciate getting tipped! 

On school trips tips are not expected but greatly appreciated. 

On an adult or private trip, an industry suggested tip is about 10% if your program fee, depending on your experience.

If you wish to include a gratuity, cash is preferred, but sending a check or a payment to CFI's Venmo: @canyonlandsfieldinstitute is also a great way to thank your guides for their hard work.  Tips are always pooled and distributed.

Additional Information

Accessibility and Safety

During Adventure Day Camp, your kid will spend time riding in CFI's Van to different points of interest around Moab. Activities will include hiking and walking on sandy washes and trails, swimming, playing games, and doing other lessons in nature. 

Kids can expect to participate in all activities and be outside for most of the day. While the itinerary is designed to mitigate heat by spending time in shady areas around water, campers may experience sun exposure. It is essential that campers are able to follow directions, apply sunscreen, drink from a water bottle, and manage themselves going to the bathroom.

CFI is a non-profit organization and fees are not taxed. By choosing CFI, you are supporting our efforts to provide lifechanging outdoor experiences for hundreds of children per year.  Scholarships are available on an as needed basis.