Adventure Day Camps

Canyonlands Field Institute welcomes your children to Adventure Day Camps! Our goal over these three weeks of camp sessions is to have a safe hands-on learning experience while exploring the Moab area. Your child will be exploring on various Moab trails such as Grandstaff and Moonflower canyons, and will be participating in hands-on games, educational activities, and craft creation.

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Canyonlands Field Institute raises funds through the contributions of generous supporters (listed below) to ensure that all children are able to join our programs. Please fill out our Scholarship Form first. While filling out the form please call 435-259-7750 during our business hours or email after hours and we will reserve your spot on the program.

Sample Program Outlines

Eco-Splorers Sessions I & II

Ages 6-9

Eco-splorers is a summer day camp designed to introduce your kids to the wonders of the outside world. The camp visits a different location each day, spending time learning, exploring, and experiencing various sites around the Moab area. Through fun, hands-on activities, your kids will immerse themselves within the outdoors. CFI campers develop key motor skills through crafts and games, increase their communication skills through teambuilding activities, and spend time moving around outdoors.

Campers will travel in air-conditioned vans to incredible locations including the La Sal Mountains, the Mill Canyon dino track site, Moonflower Canyon, and Professor Valley, and enrollment in CFI camps include a free water bottle souvenir!

Eco-Splorers Locations

Monday: Hiking in Moonflower Canyon

Tuesday: Hiking in Courthouse Wash

Wednesday: Ken’s Lake

Thursday: Dino Day: Mill Canyon

Friday: Professor Valley Field Camp

Desert Dwellers Sessions I & II

Ages 9-12

Desert Dwellers is a summer day camp designed to unravel some of the mysteries within the desert surrounding the Moab area. Who has lived here in the past? Who lives here now? To answer some of these questions, we will be exploring the ecology, archeology, and paleontology of the surrounding area through hands on games and educational activities. Your kid will develop commination skills through teambuilding games, and spend time moving about outside, while immersing themselves in the ancient past and intriguing present of Moab.

Desert Dwellers Locations

Monday: Hiking in Grandstaff Canyon

Tuesday: Dino Day: Mill Canyon Dinosaur Sites

Wednesday: Oowah Lake, La Sal Mountains

Thursday: Running the Moab Daily

Friday: Professor Valley Field Camp

Art Around Us Sessions I & II

Ages 9-12

Luckily, in a place like Moab, art is all around us! The Art Around Us camp is created to help hone our skills in observation, communication, and exploration. There is no artistic skill required to observe the beauty around the Moab area, and activities will include hiking, hands on crafts, educational games. Through these activities, campers will celebrate the beauty and art hidden in plain sight all around us. Your kid will increase their communication skills through teambuilding activities and spend time moving around outside while experiencing the intriguing beauty of the Moab area.

Art Around Us Locations

Monday: Hiking in Courthouse Wash

Tuesday: Hiking in Moonflower Canyon

Wednesday: Hazard County trail, Oowah Lake, La Sal Mountains

Thursday: Running the Moab Daily

Friday: Professor Valley Field Camp

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Thank You 2020 Sponsors!

CFI is an equal opportunity employer, funds available in part by DWS.…and the generosity from Moab individuals!

  • Where: Drop off and pick up is at CFI headquarters, located at 1320 South Hwy 191, Moab UT 84532.
  • Number of Days/Nights: Monday through Friday
  • Time: 8 am - 4 pm
  • Group Size: Two sessions each week with a maximum of nine participants in each session.
  • Age Group: Eco-Splorers Sessions ages 6-9; Desert Dwellers & Art Around Us Sessions ages 9-12
  • Deadline for Signup: Two weeks prior to start
  • Cost per Person: $150 per youth (Grand County School District students only)
  • Deposit: $50 (non-refundable)
  • Notes:

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