Moab Music Festival San Juan

Music in concert with the landscape

The Moab Music Festival is teaming up with the Canyonlands Field Institute to create a musical adventure in concert with the San Juan River. Located alongside the Navajo Reservation, the San Juan River flows through a landscape rich with Indigenous culture and archaeology. For 3 days and 2 nights, we will transform the river corridor into our own private music venue. Patrons will enjoy concerts among the willows, sandstone cliffs, and great blue herons that make their home in this unique riparian ecosystem. All gear, food, and outfitting needs are taken care of by the Canyonlands Field Institute, while the Moab Music Festival will provide the same high-quality music you have come to expect over their 30 year history. We hope you can join us for this musically, culturally, and educationally rich concert experience.

Performances throughout the trip will be from Kristin Lee (violin), and Jason Vieaux (guitar).

To register, visit Moab Music Festival’s Trip Page

September 13, 2022 through September 16, 2022
4 days and 3 nights

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