Destination: Moab Daily of the Colorado River

Float the Colorado from Dewey Bridge or from Fisher Towers through Professor Valley

Treat your family or group to a night under the stars along the Colorado River. This two day, one night float down the Moab Daily stretch is the perfect way to unplug. Throughout the trip, you will be treated to spectacular vistas, wildlife sightings, splashy rapids, and delicious meals. This family-friendly adventure goes beyond the average tourist experience and is the perfect way to enjoy what Moab has to offer.


Comfortable Camping:

CFI trips offer the perfect balance of comfort and adventure. Rafting combines the luxuries of car camping, like fresh food and cast iron cooking, with the serenity of the backcountry. This option is perfect for first-time adventurers to seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.

Whitewater Rapids:

Prepare to get wet! These family-friendly rapids will excite everyone on the trip, making this a great way to beat the desert heat. The rapids range from class I to class III.

Private Naturalist Guide:

Your CFI guide is first and foremost an educator! They are experienced teachers who can dive into geology, ecology, history, and other topics in a way that will captivate the interest of everyone in your group.

CFI is a non-profit organization and fees are not taxed. By choosing CFI, you are supporting our efforts to provide lifechanging outdoor experiences for hundreds of children per year.
  • Where: Colorado River - Dewey Bridge to BLM Takeout
  • What months available: April through October
  • Number of Days/Nights: Two days, one night
  • Group Size: Minimum 6, Maximum 25
  • Age Group: Adults and children 6+
  • Cost per Person: $335/person, fee is based on a minimum of 6 participants and includes transportation from Moab.
  • Deposit: $100/person (Non refundable; will apply to final total due)
  • Notes: