School Field Camp and River Program – Five Nights


Two Incredible Locations

Our Five Night Combination Program starts with three nights at our Professor Valley Field Camp, with two full days of instruction and hikes, followed by a two-night river rafting trip on the Colorado River starting at Cisco, UT and floating down to Professor Valley.

Professor Valley Field Camp

At Professor Valley Field Camp (PVFC), students immerse themselves in the high desert environment of the Colorado Plateau, a landscape of stark beauty, vast spaces, and unique geological, biotic, and cultural history. Through student-centered approaches, PVFC offers participants quality outdoor education that serves to deepen knowledge of the natural world and create passion for community.

Our curriculum emphasizes the scientific practices of making observations, expressing wonder, and exploring connections. PVFC also highlights Social and Emotional Learning, developing skills related to self-awareness and communication. Students work with each other to discover a sense of community both within their class, and within their ecosystem.

Cisco to Professor Valley on the Colorado

Our second destination begins at the Cisco boat ramp, where the river flows through open country, and the banks are lined with cottonwood trees and other riparian vegetation.

Floating into Professor Valley we see the world-famous vista of Fisher Towers set against the snowcapped La Sal Mountains. We pass the old homestead site of an early 20th-century mail carrier at Hittle Bottom.

Soon, we encounter several mild rapids, providing splashes and short thrills, especially in May and June during the spring runoff. The river corridor lands are public lands, managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, and the State of Utah.

River Transporation

This trip fee includes transportation costs from Professor Valley Field Camp to the river launch at Cisco, Ut. Your school vehicles are shuttled to the river takeout; gear not needed on the river is kept in your vehicles or if you have a bus meeting you, will we bring your extra gear to the takeout on the last day.

Program Highlights

Human History

Professor Valley Field Camp shares land with generations of humans who have come before us. At PVFC’s documented archaeology site students can hunt for lithic scatter while learning about historic uses of the native species found throughout camp. Our uplands hike takes us climbing through canyons up to a large petroglyph panel believed to be at the intersection of ancient trade routes. As they explore these sites, learners develop connections with and learn from the past about who once lived in this area.

Riparian Exploration

With Professor Creek running through field camp, students can explore a riparian environment first hand. By designing engineering projects, and completing scientific inquiries, your students will increase their abilities to observe and ask questions about this unique environment. As they slow down and make meaningful academic connections, kids will develop a deeper sense of their role within this ecosystem, and how that role extends to their home communities.

Outdoor Classroom

For CFI instructor-guides, the Colorado provides a unique floating classroom that offers constant lessons about human, cultural, and natural history. From Cisco, Utah to Professor Valley, Utah contain an abundance of wildlife including Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, River Otters, Beavers, and Bighorn Sheep. Evidence of millions of years of geological forces at work is at our fingertips as we float the river. We’ll pass below famous Fisher Towers, including the Titan, at 900 feet it is the tallest sandstone tower in the world.


  • Where: Professor Valley Field Camp and the Colorado River
  • Number of Days/Nights: Five nights
  • Time: 4:00 p.m. first day through 2:00 p.m. last day
  • Group Size: 15 minimum/60 youth maximum
  • Age Group: Middle, high school, and college students
  • Cost per Person: $700
  • Notes:

    For groups with over 40 participants, the Colorado River portion of the tour will be divided into two groups.

    River Difficulty: Class I-II (III) Rapids

    One chaperone is required per twelve students. Each required chaperone receives a 50% discount. Additional chaperones are full fee.