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Replace classroom walls
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Your Choice.

Base Camp Style

Our Land based program takes place at Professor Valley Field Camp, 40 minutes away from Moab UT. This base camp features tipis and cots for sleeping, flush toilets, and a full camp kitchen for meals. Days begin and end at base camp and are spent exploring the surrounding area.


Expedition Style

Our River Expeditions take place along the Colorado, Green, and San Juan Rivers. Students camp under the stars and spend the days navigating the river, exploring side canyons, and working as a team to reach the destination, all while learning about the unique geology, ecology, and human history of these iconic river stretches.

All programs enable students to disconnect from their everyday lives and connect to each other.


Up To Date Curriculum

By combining Social and Emotional Learning with hands on science education, our curriculum is specifically designed to deepen connections between students and their surroundings. Our science lessons are framed through SEEd and NGSS standards, and we specialize in creating an experience specifically suited to your educational goals. In addition, our Social and Emotional Learning curriculum intentionally teaches skills in self-management, group awareness, responsible decision making, and communication.

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Experience in Education

CFI has over 35 years of experience leading outdoor expeditions for schools. Our educators bring science to life, connect with students, and provide guidance and technical skill education.  Our guides are trained in risk management, first aid, and CPR, and our trip leaders are certified Wilderness First Responders.


Benefits of a

We strive to provide meaningful outdoor experiences for all students.  Many of our program costs are subsidized through grants, donations, and memberships. Please call us today 435-259-7750 for more information on scholarships and tuition assistance.